You have made the decision to be in business for yourself and take control of your financial security.


The big winner will be your income potential and life style. Work/life balance can now be a reality as an Agent/Dealer.

When you choose Partner Wholesale Networks, you have chosen to partner with the telecom industry’s most successful entrepreneurs. The benefits are numerous. No other model will give you the pre and post-sales support you need to operate a successful ICT business. Our Tier 1 wholesale suppliers are numerous and the product suite we offer incorporates the enterprise-grade voice, unified communications, data, mobile and cloud products required to compete in today’s marketplace.

Perfect for

  • Telecommunication Sales Professionals

  • Entrepreneurs with a sales background

  • Telecom Agents


The Agent/Dealer opportunity is an easy way for you to start signing up customers from day one.

It is the most affordable point of entry within the telecom industry for you to become your own ICT Service Provider. We remove all the headaches of running a company, by taking responsibility for customer service, billing, legal, regulatory requirements and payment collections.

  • We have created the marketing collateral, product flyers, website and business cards. You’ll have access to the very best wholesale carrier product suite, backed by comprehensive pre-sales support to assist with VPN and hosted solutions.

  • With this partnership option, you are building your own base; you become a licensee with your own agent code. This valuable asset can be sold to or purchased by Partner Wholesale Networks at a time of your choosing.

sucessful telecom wholesale bussines
sucessful telecom wholesale bussines

You’ll enjoy the power of competitive RRP, great margins and recurring revenue.

sucessful telecom wholesale bussines
sucessful telecom wholesale bussines

Our partners buy at market leading wholesale rates, giving you maximum competitiveness at the point of sale.

  • You will benefit from an average margin ranging 20% to 30% depending on product mix and market segment.

  • This means if you have $200,000.00 tolling, you could be receiving $60,000.00 in monthly commissions

  • Set your own hours, determine your own holidays and enjoy the financial spoils of your hard work

the power of work and life in balance. the power to grow.

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