No longer a clearly defined place you go to, work is now transforming into something you do any time, any place.

Technology is the conduit.

Technology is empowering the move from structured workdays to flexible workspaces, where your people can still feel connected to the team without being in the office. Staff members are increasingly mobile, untethered from desks.

In short, technology is shaping a new way of working that’s built on flexibility.

So, what does this new workplace look like? Imagine waking up anywhere in the world and logging on to start your workday when it suits you – with nothing more than a device and an Internet connection. Collaboration tools mean you’re able to work closely with your team, accessing shared resources without being in the office. As you move through the day you seamlessly shift from one device to another when you need to.

It might sound like the future but this scenario may be possible now.

While advances in technology will deliver further improvements, they’ll continue to be driven by collaboration technology. Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) – which blends voice, video and other collaborative tools into a seamless stream of data – is at the cutting edge of this connected world.

Most businesses no longer compete with those in the same neighbourhood, or even country. Competition is global. Having a robust foundation to get the most out of processes, systems and staff is key.

At Partner Wholesale, we’re also looking to the future. We have an important role to play in helping our service provider partners deliver on this potential. We’ll help you understand how UCaaS enables the workplace of tomorrow and which service models best address business needs. Understanding this emerging marketplace is critical to ensuring service providers deliver the right systems to match those needs.

The future of work in Australia

Today’s youngest employees innately understand the power of technology-based collaboration. They expect their workplaces to deliver the same level of functionality they experience when communicating with friends.

This change in attitude is no longer limited to younger members of staff. Citrix’s State of the Flexible Nation report found 56 per cent of Australian workers were unable to work from home, but 72 per cent wanted the opportunity. It has become a key driver for talent acquisition and retention.

Most people now own multiple devices and often use their own smartphones, tablets or laptops for business purposes as well as personal use. Business infrastructure should be strong, secure and flexible enough to allow them to connect wherever, whenever and however they like.

Implementing tools that enable this type of agile working is paramount. Cloud technologies underpin this vision, with the potential to change workplaces for the better.

Most organisations are yet to make the most of the potential in their communications systems. We’re only at the start of the journey but now is the right time to look at investing in these tools.

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