Essene Group started business in Australia in 2002 and has been an authorised reseller for both Commander and Vocus. A few years ago the company launched a contact centre in India to augment lead generation activity, which has been a very successful endeavour. Over this time the business has grown strongly and the numbers are solid. As a natural progression, the Directors started looking for a wholesale company to partner with so they could launch their own brand to market.

Vish Pande, Director, Essene Group, said the company is made up of salespeople. “That’s all we know, that’s all we do. Even though my background is telecom operations, I just do sales now.”

“We needed a partner that would fit around our business. To begin with we don’t want to manage the burden of customer service and billing etc. We would certainly look at that in the future, but what we want right now is to keep doing what we are doing in terms of selling. However, we want to own our own customers as opposed to selling to them as a dealer.”

Essene Group did a thorough market scan for a suitable provider and was also referred to Partner Wholesale Networks (PWN) MD Graeme Kelly by a mutual colleague. “PWN was the perfect fit for our business. We feel strongly that for the next few years we won’t need to look anywhere else for wholesale services as we get exactly what we need from Graeme and the Partner Wholesale team.”

Vish said they chose PWN for a number of reasons. “Having a customer service team located here in Australia was a big one for us. I have also had experience with Now Telecom customer service and I know a fair few people working in the business, which is always good.

“Secondly, we are selling to businesses, and it’s critical that whoever we are partnered with provides services that work and are supported 24/7.

“Finally, we felt really comfortable going with Graeme, because he has a successful history of taking a company from start up to sale, and is currently running a business with a solid base, and a strong customer orientation.

“There are a lot of people who have started wholesale businesses recently and you don’t know where they will be in three years. Graeme and the team have been around a very long time and that track record makes a difference.

The JV Partner model made commercial made sense for us as well.”

Graeme said the JV Partner opportunity is an easy way for businesses to launch a telecom company and start signing up their own customers from day one.

“PWN takes out all the headaches of running a company, by being responsible for the customer service, billing, legal, regulatory requirements and payment collections, said Graeme.

“We have created everything a partner needs including white label marketing collateral, application forms etc to fast track entry into the market place. Our partners have the very best in wholesale carrier product suite at their disposal, backed by the very best in pre-sales support to assist with delivering those solutions.”

At the end of the day, when you go into partnership with someone it’s about who you click with and who you trust. Personally, we practice what we preach. We are not sitting in an ivory tower; we know the struggle of running a successful business as we live and breathe it everyday. We know what it’s like to support customers, get sales and marketing right, and manage cash flow. We really get it and that’s why our partners choose us.”